Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Homage to Tara the Goddess

Taras Reclining gouache painting by Mitzi Linn

I was thinking about the huge reclining Buddhas carved from stone lying on their sides that are being excavated in Afganistan. (Related in size and history to the ones destroyed by the Taliban at Bamiyan)
That inspired this painting. The flowers are descending from the sky and the flowering mountain. (thanks to Martin Prechtel for the flowering mountain idea) The flowers refer to the white flowers that appear on Cazahuate trees all over the Oaxaca Valley at the end of the rainy season. Also they refer to the "Shower of Blessings", the results of a successful practice of a Tibetan Buddhist ceremony.

Tara Drawing by unknown artist

Like an old best friend Tara appears to guide and care for her devotees. Goddess of compassion, protector, saviour, and healer among other things. Tara is worshiped by Tibetan Buddhists and Hindus. She was/is also a Celtic goddess. I am most familiar with the Tibetan Tara, in her most common White, Green and Red embodiments. One mantra I use is
"Om Tare Tam So Ha".