Saturday, April 13, 2013

Temple at Monte Alban

One of the oldest temple pyramids at Monte Alban which was started in 500 BC. Monte Alban sits on a mountain top outside Oaxaca Mexico.  I love this particular temple and used to be able to climb on it.  It is where I really understood there were advanced civilizations here in the Americas before the Europeans arrived.  It reminded me of the Hopewell Mound where I grew up in Indiana.  They are from the same time period. This one built by Zapotecs, one of the oldest Mexican cultures. It is more architectually advanced than the mound in Indiana. 

The Ancient Americas are more interesting to me than Asia or Europe or the Middle East or India--though I have read alot about those ancient cultures. Still, here in the Americas I have explored and meditated at some of the most amazing and interesting places.  These sites were created by people who did not use the wheel and had no large draft animals.  Monte Alban, a flattened mountain top, was constructed by human hands only.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spring Photos from Teotitlan del Valle.

 The local bus from Oaxaca, thru Teotitlan to Benito Juarez in the mountains.
Part of an old wall from the prehispanic temple in Teo.  Very old--recently exposed behind the church.