Thursday, March 26, 2009

Aphrodite as the Mermaid

Gouache painting entitled "The New Mermaid"

Poem for Aphrodite

Borne of wind and spray
Lovely Aphrodite
Goddess of Tantra
Bringer of light

You left your freedom for another time
Mother of the Sea, and Eros.
We cannot listen at once
to all you say. Your sounds calm us
They transfix us in this world of
wind and spray.

We left the world of noisy machines
to listen to the insides of shells.
Your secrets reveal us to ourselves
We lie washed up, entangled
in what is and what we dream.

Washed up, about to take wing
You hold our hearts.
You give our spirits wings.

copyright Mitzi Linn, 2009

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Womantrees: Spring Exuberance

This gouache painting expresses the feelings I have seeing plants flowering and springing forth again, another year, another cycle. Let's join these Womentrees in their springtime dance.

Friday, March 6, 2009


Title: Little Blue Flying Horse by Pop Chalee --Native American artist-- painting on wall of the New Mexico Statehouse

I Ride a Windhorse Across the Sky of Change

An enormous full moon
demands I look up from headlights and
street crossings to acknowledge
our wild beginnings.

I see that our Animal ancestors paused
as they masked themselves as humans,
then stood on two legs to dance together,
no longer recognizable to themselves as Bear, Monkey,
Tiger, Coyote, Turtle, Deer, Snake, Horse, Bird......

They made an evolutionary leap of faith,
Were not able to take off their disguises,
nor return to walking on four legs or flying.

They are mourning their choice, their loss of
connection to the high, dry wild and wetland, forests,
no longer part of their lives.

They relate their stories to each other while dancing,
never stopping to remove their too human faces.
Perhaps the Creator no longer recognizes them,
as they no longer recognize themselves.

Now they dream of liberation through technology,
to move into outer space star worlds,
liberated from their earth animal nature,
encapsuled weightless in a spaceship box,
looking from control panels
into the blackness of passing stars.

The dance goes on and on.
Molecules freeze into passages of unwritten books.
We will only read the lines much later when
the remains of this civilization, this story,
lie buried beneath ash and earth.

Then, as before,
At the openings of dark earth tunnels,
under cliff outcroppings, shelters, past and future,
homecomers from that outer spacebox
will put on animal masks,
pick up the drum and dance Bear, Monkey, Snake
Bird, Coyote, Tiger, Deer, Horse
back from oblivion.

copyright Mitzi Linn, 1997

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Coyote Woman's Passion

Gouache Painting: Pause in the Journey

"Follow the path your heart takes" was the advice given to Carlos Castaneda by Don Juan in The Teachings of Don Juan.

Coyote Woman and her contemporaries read the book while ingesting hallucinogenic substances. They followed Don Juan's advice and started journeys of self discovery, rejecting the materialist environment of the mainstream culture 40 plus years ago.

They created a counter culture within America--based on spiritual values of integrating heart, mind and spirit. Their search continues to experience transcendence within a grounded ideal of community and caring for others.

When you follow your hearts' path, your life will be full of a passion for living, for being awake and making everyday an enlightening journey of awareness, energy and love (compassion). Transcendence is the ultimate goal behind any passion, the source of all creativity.