Tuesday, September 27, 2011

May the Virgin of Guadelupe guide your way--Safe Journeys

Art card by Judy Perry of Bisbee, AZ. Check out her website. www.judyperrybisbee.com I was lucky to meet her when I lived in Bisbee. I met her through another woman friend, Mary Walker, a massage therapist there. Thanks universe, and blessings to them.

Today's observation

Clouds hang over the valley,
little rain but then no sun either.....

Winter hangs out on my mind's edges....
If I blow really hard,
can I move the clouds away and bring the sun?.....

What is better, myth or everyday life?
I witness the Fall from summer's grace and warmth..
Adam and Eve find apples under a wild tree.....
They make mythic applesauce.
We'll eat that applesauce later.

copyright Mitzi Linn