Thursday, November 24, 2011

Winter scenes in New Mexico

Water color painting by Fran Larsen entitled "Camino de Farolitos" 1995. Note the luminarias by the gate and on the roof tops. I really love her work. She painted the frames too to be part of the whole piece.

Photos from northern New Mexico in the winter. Enjoy. From postcards and other sources.

Luminarias at an ancient American kiva. The luminaria tradition lights the way along highways, and streets and roads in New Mexico around Christmas. I remember them along the highway between Santa Fe and Taos the year I spent Christmas there. It's Spanish in origin and in this calendar photo, staged I think at Bandalier Natl Monument.

Sanctuario de Chimayo in northern New Mexico.

A door in a wall in Santa Fe during the winter.

Taos Pueblo in winter. Photo by Scott Fields. One of the oldest settled places of this continent. Taos Pueblo is a bit north of the town, which is really charming too.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Las Chinas de Oaxaca

I lifted this cheerful foto from Oaxaca Turismo. The regional dances are enchanting and varied.