Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Welcome Springtime

Bananaleaf Series: First Love--gouache painting by Mitzi Linn
The first of the Bananaleaf Series.

Lately I wake up to morning dreams of being in a lover's arms, embraced in a beautiful intimacy which I have been missing for some time. It's a dream I remind myself, but it feels good and I want to keep dreaming.

As daytime life assembles itself I remember that it too is a dream in which we are moving about, seemingly awake. In my daytime dream I don't wish for the intimate love appearing in my night dream movie but do wish for Love, the divine type, that heals all suffering. I wish that for all.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Adam and Eve Visit Palm Springs: Happy Angel Resort

Painting by Mitzi Linn

I am posting this painting to cheer us all as winter lingers and spring seems hesitant to arrive. The painting is for sale and is approximately 18 by 15 inches. You can contact me at mitzi_linn@hotmail. com if interested. This is one Adam and Eve painting in a series done over years. They will be teeing off on a golf course somewhere nearby. I lived in Palm Springs for a couple months in 1998 where I did this painting.