Thursday, March 26, 2009

Aphrodite as the Mermaid

Gouache painting entitled "The New Mermaid"

Poem for Aphrodite

Borne of wind and spray
Lovely Aphrodite
Goddess of Tantra
Bringer of light

You left your freedom for another time
Mother of the Sea, and Eros.
We cannot listen at once
to all you say. Your sounds calm us
They transfix us in this world of
wind and spray.

We left the world of noisy machines
to listen to the insides of shells.
Your secrets reveal us to ourselves
We lie washed up, entangled
in what is and what we dream.

Washed up, about to take wing
You hold our hearts.
You give our spirits wings.

copyright Mitzi Linn, 2009

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