Sunday, March 1, 2009

Coyote Woman's Passion

Gouache Painting: Pause in the Journey

"Follow the path your heart takes" was the advice given to Carlos Castaneda by Don Juan in The Teachings of Don Juan.

Coyote Woman and her contemporaries read the book while ingesting hallucinogenic substances. They followed Don Juan's advice and started journeys of self discovery, rejecting the materialist environment of the mainstream culture 40 plus years ago.

They created a counter culture within America--based on spiritual values of integrating heart, mind and spirit. Their search continues to experience transcendence within a grounded ideal of community and caring for others.

When you follow your hearts' path, your life will be full of a passion for living, for being awake and making everyday an enlightening journey of awareness, energy and love (compassion). Transcendence is the ultimate goal behind any passion, the source of all creativity.


  1. welcome to the blogosphere. many thanks to gig for telling me about your beautiful little spot here in cyberspace!

    best of luck on blogging.

    I love your paintings and writings.

    a belated happy new year! namasté

  2. Hi mouse

    Thanks for the note, glad you like what I have been blogging. Do you have a blog? Nice of gig to send this on. I will probably post something new once a week--it is fun. Wishing you spring, wherever that happens in cyberspace!