Monday, July 19, 2010

Guatemalan Textile and a Poem

Photo of part of weaving from San Juan Cotzal, K'iche', Guatemala.

View From My 50’S

Contemplating the journey ahead
I can only remember past ones,
across open spaces,
journeys that cleansed this being
of Doubt and Fear.

I can only go how and where
My heart directs me.
I continue,
With intense aloneness,
Looking at each horizon
as a possible home.
The same way I stare in lighted windows as
I pass along this street.

The journey to the Light is
the same as the one home.
The going is a becoming.
I seek wisdom and compassion,
a total healing of my myriad selves.

Still, in awe of the Spirit’s pull,
I know Death cannot free me
of this longing to go beyond...........

Through lifetimes of learning and letting go,
karmic debts will be paid.
Wise, compassionate, empty,
I will be free at last.

1997 copyright Mitzi Linn


  1. ahhh mitzi, we so think alike. thank you my dear friend for sharing so much wisdom and heart with us. i love you. enjoy everything in the southlands....ahhhhhh, i still hope to be there with you someday...time is movin on though isn't it. thinking of you as we move towards the darkest night. love you. cc in chitown