Thursday, November 18, 2010

Church in Oaxaca Valley

This is the church at Tlacochauaya......near Teotitlan.

In Oaxaca every morning at 7 am the local church.....Carmen Alta......rings its bells.......That church probably sits on an old site from before the Conquest where the locals celebrated the Guelaguetza in honor of the corn goddess. I read that in the Oaxaca newspaper a few years ago. A guelaguetza is a giveway and fiesta made by everyone co-operating.

In Teotitlan it is the way to have a great fiesta, like a wedding, where everyone pays back others what they previously received from them. Lists are got 4 turkeys, you now give 4 received 100 handmade tlayudas, you now bring your metate and mano and the dough and make 100 tlayudas at your compadre's or relative's wedding.... They provided 10 boxes of cervezas for your 7 day wedding, and you will return the favor. A beautiful custom.

Soon to fly out of this querida place. I am so thankful Oaxaca is part of my life.

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