Thursday, March 3, 2011

La Cumbia del Mole by Lila Downs with Artwork by Mitzi Linn

Paintings in the video are by me, Mitzi, Kate Corbett and Rudolfo Morales. I met Kate and Rudolfo in Oaxaca. Kate's work-- 2 water colors-- realistic chilis/onions in dishes on a table, and a red table with lily in green pottery pitcher. Rudolfo's painting is a red city scene with feminine figures. All other paintings or collages are by Mitzi Linn

Photos of Reyna (Zapotec chef) from article about Reyna in Mija Chronicles (blog)Photos of Lila Downs from various sources, photo with Tito Mendoza from El Nahual gallery. Other photos from my own collection and postcards
include folk art, textiles and dancers.

Lila gave me permission to use her music when I saw her in Oaxaca.


  1. YOU made that video????? WOW! I did not know that you knew how to do that! Congratulations! Very nice. I like Lila Downs and your artwork!


  2. Yes, and two others on YouTube (on my blog too with music by Lila).....I thought yours( very similar to mine) was like an answer to mine, or something...????? Interesting you or your friends chose the same song.....I started making videos last year. Still, need to work out some kinks.