Saturday, October 17, 2009

Oaxaca for the Day of the Dead

I made this little painting in response to seeing a woman from the Istmus of Tehuantepec selling sugar figures of Tehuanas for transplanted Istmenos' altars at the local market. The vendor indicated that the figures were only for sale to people from the Istmus. The female figure here is in full costume of the Tehuanas with their beautiful embroideried blouses and skirts.
I called it "Frida and Diego Return" since Frida often dressed in Tehuana blouses. I could imagine them posing in this traditional manner, man standing with his hand on the seated woman's shoulder. Behind the figures is a house altar complete with marigold petals making a path for the departed from the cemetery to the home.


  1. what a marvelous time to be there mitzi. i love all that i learn from you and your passions of spirit through many doors. i feel the connection to diego and frieda in what you write. love love love from the chilly north

  2. MItzi - I love this image. Would be interested in a print when you return.
    How do we come visit you while you are there?
    Have a wonderful winter -