Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Virgin of Guadelupe Appears for Day of the Dead

painting---copyright Mitzi Linn

In this Day of the Dead painting the Virgin reappears in a corn field where the unseen shaman/farmer is making a ceremony. A small pre hispanic diety is on the right, an incenser and candles on the left. The Virgin is encased in a grain of corn pollen and holding the Earth in her hands.

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  1. dearest mitzi, i love this new? painting. i am just getting over the h1n1 flu with a lot of help from my energy healer/medicine woman, gayle and herbs, homeopathics, phiiip and the cleanzing of my soul work. whoa. i am so thrilled your going to mexico. have the best trip and rejoice in the warmth and light. may your life be full and sweet. love, cathy